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Download Alight Motion Pro APK || Alight Motion Pro APK || Alight Motion Pro APK Free Download

Download Alight Motion Pro APK
Download Alight Motion Pro APK

Download Alight Motion Pro APK || Alight Motion Pro APK || Alight Motion Pro APK Free Download

Download Alight Motion Pro APK

It is said that love has no age, no one loves seeing age. But sometimes due to age, there is a lot of difference of opinion and it becomes difficult to understand each other.

Ananya went for a picnic with her friends.

There were many other people at that picnic spot.

Some were with their family and some were with their friends. There Ananya's eyes fell on a boy, who had also come to have a picnic with his friends.

Ananya liked that boy very much, she was watching him, his eyes could not be taken away from him, he was playing throw ball with his friends.

When it was evening, it was time to go home, Ananya asked a friend about her while leaving, then Ananya came to know that his name is Rahul.

Ananya went home and started looking for him on social media.

Rahul found her on Facebook She immediately sent a friend request to Rahul and was waiting when he would accept her request.

The next morning when Ananya woke up from sleep, she first went to her Facebook account to see if Rahul had accepted her request, but she became depressed as her request had not been accepted yet.

Then she got busy with her other work, in the afternoon she saw that Rahul had accepted her friend request. She immediately went to Rahul's profile and started seeing all his previous posts, and photos of him, she saw the date of Rahul's birthday, it was his birthday a few days ago, and Ananya also saw that Rahul is younger than her, but Ananya It doesn't matter.

He also messaged Rahul.

Then she used to talk to Rahul every day. She used to ask Rahul about him, all his likes or dislikes. Rahul was studying medicine. Ananya had graduated.

One day Ananya went to Rahul's college to see him.

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She was standing outside the college, she was waiting for Rahul.

Rahul got out of college with his friends, there were 3 girls and 1 boy with him, Ananya felt very bad to see Rahul with girls, Ananya did not go to him, just saw from afar. Ananya came home and messaged Rahul that today I saw you. Rahul was only online at that time, he asked, Ananya said today I had come to your college, Rahul said why did he not meet me, Ananya said you were going with your friends and there were some girls with you, Should I ask you something?

Rahul said yes ask.

Ananya said do you have a girlfriend?

At that time Rahul did not see her message, Ananya kept waiting that now Rahul's reply will come, but it was too late, Rahul did not reply.

The next morning, Rahul's reply came that he did not have any girlfriend, seeing this message Ananya became happy. Rahul had also asked why you are asking this. Ananya said nothing, just wanted to know. Rahul felt that Ananya loves her, Ananya liked him too, knowing that Ananya is older than him, yet she told Ananya after a few days. proposed to.

Ananya was as if on the seventh sky, she could not believe that the person she loved had proposed herself from the front, she considered herself the happiest girl in the world, she was dancing, celebrating Was.

As if Ananya had gone mad. He said yes to Rahul. Both of them used to talk every day, meet Rahul after college and go for a walk together.

Their relationship had been almost 1 year.

Rahul's third year was in medicine.

Ananya used to work now, but due to the job, she could not meet Rahul every day as before.

She was busy with her job throughout the day and used to talk to each other for more time on the phone at night, and both used to meet on Sundays. As time passed, fights started between the two.

Rahul started ignoring her now, he did not message Ananya throughout the day asking how she is, and whether she ate food or not.

Ananya used to call Rahul after coming from his job at night, but even at that time, there were more talk, work, and fights.

Ananya did not like this at all, she wanted Rahul to understand that even if she does a job now, she cannot give full time to her, she also has to make her own character, Ananya could not even leave Rahul, who loved her a lot. It was from that Then Ananya thought that now she will take a half-day leave from the office and visit Rahul sometimes, this may lead to fights between them, and both of them can give time to each other.

Then the very next day she took a half-day leave and went to his college to meet Rahul.

On the other hand, he saw that Rahul was with a girl outside the college, at the same time Ananya called Rahul, Rahul saw the phone that Ananya's call is coming but he did not pick up the phone, he called again Rahul did not call this time also raised.

Then Ananya went home in anger, in the evening, Rahul called her, and Ananya asked if he had called me in the afternoon, and Rahul said that I was in college, so I did not pick up the phone, hearing this, Ananya got angrier. It has come that Rahul is lying, it means that Rahul is definitely hiding something from me.

After two days again Ananya went to his college, where she saw the girl whom Ananya had seen with Rahul when she went to college to meet Rahul for the first time.

Ananya talks to him, he asks do you know Rahul?

He studies in this college, he said yes I know he is my friend.

Then Ananya asked him whether he is in his class now, that girl did not say that he has gone for a walk with his girlfriend today.

On hearing this, Ananya had a heart attack, she took care of herself and asked if she had a girlfriend? She said yes, no, they had a breakup last year, but now they are together again for a few days, Ananya also asked her the name of Rahul's girlfriend, and she said Priya.

Hearing all this, Ananya was very angry.

She went straight to her house, she cried a lot that why did this happen to me, what was my fault if he loved someone else then why did he propose to me?

Am I just a toy for him?

In the evening, Ananya called Rahul, he asked if they had neither a message nor a call since morning, Rahul said I was in college, and there is a little tension in his studies.

At that time, Ananya got angry and said anger who is this Priya.

Rahul paused for a few seconds then said who Priya, Ananya said well you do not know any Priya, she did not speak. Then Ananya said, I am talking about the same Priya with whom you went for a walk today. Hearing this, Rahul disconnected the call. Ananya kept calling him but he did not pick up the phone. Ananya messages him that Rahul pick up the phone I just want answers to some of my questions, even after that Rahul did not pick up the phone.

Ananya messages him that tomorrow I am coming to your college, I have to meet.

To this, Rahul replied immediately, not in college, you come to me a garden before college, meet there, he did not want his name to be bad in college and his girlfriend should know anything.

The next day Ananya went to meet him, he asked why did you do such a thing, what was wrong with me, you had proposed to me yourself if you already had a girlfriend, you used to love him then why the drama of love to me.

Then Rahul said Priya was not with me when I proposed to you, but now you are busy with your job, Priya used to call me daily and the wrong friendship between us is now gone, which was earlier and We were separated, I love him.

Then Ananya said very angry, what is love, is there any game, today with it tomorrow with her, what do you think yourself.

Rahul said forgive me for whatever happened but I can't stay with you, I love Priya. Ananya left from there without saying anything.

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