New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Editing || Kinemaster Video Editing 2022 || DJ Status Kaise Banaye

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Editing || Kinemaster Video Editing 2022 || DJ Status Kaise Banaye

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Editing
New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Editing

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Editing || Kinemaster Video Editing 2022 || DJ Status Kaise Banaye

Stories Of The Cleverness Of Gonu Jha

KineMaster Pro Mod APK Free Download - About five hundred years ago, there was a village named Bhauraura in the state of Mithila. A Brahmin family lived in this village.

The family consisted of a widowed Brahmini and her two sons. The name of the eldest son was Gonu and the name of the younger son was Bhonu. Gonu was a very clever, intelligent, and intelligent young man.

There was talk of his wisdom in the whole village. After the death of his father, he took care of all the responsibilities of the house. With a little farming, the house could survive properly.

The old mother was pleased with the wisdom and hard work of her elder son.

The mother was very concerned about her younger son. He wondered how his Bhonu would know after that. One day he talked to Gonu about this. Son Gonu, now I am old. A call can come from the house of God at any time.

The mother said sadly - son, I do not care about you. By the grace of God, you have the power of intelligence, which does not leave man's side under any circumstances. But Bhonu is worried. He is a boy of simple intelligence.

Mother, why do you care about Babua? I am not Trust Babua will not have any problems during my life. Gonu said.

God bless you always son! Now I can die in peace. There was a sense of satisfaction in the eyes of the old lady. After a few days, Gonu got married. His wife was a very intelligent and virtuous woman.

Gonu himself was also of religious nature. He was a worshiper of Kali Maa and worshiped regularly. The whole village used to say that Gonu Jha has got so much wisdom only by the grace of Mother Kali. With all his minor problems, Gonu Jha would come to the village and Gonu Jha would solve his problem in a pinch. As it often happens that some people who are jealous of a man become even more jealous when wealth and fame increase.

The same happened with Gonu Jha. Some people in the village started hating him too. But Gonu Jha was neither afraid of anyone nor mean to anyone.

He knew how to make his work successful. Even his opposition would bow down before his intellect.

When needed, Gonu Jha used to get his work done easily from his opponents with his intellect.

Although Gonu Jha was not very rich, his family was well maintained.

His wife was a skilled housewife and had great respect for PTI.

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A few days after the marriage of Gonu Jha, his mother died. According to Hindu customs, Gonu Jha performed the cremation of the mother in a good way. There is a custom of the banquet in the villages. Whether one is born or dies, in both cases, there is a feast. Gonu Jha had also thought that he would also eat his mother according to his ability.

But his opponents were as if waiting for this opportunity. The opponents together planned that by any means Gonu Jha should be instigated for the Mahabhoj. Together they reached his house to mourn. Talks happened here and there and then one started talking.

Jha Ji, what is the idea of ​​the mother's banquet?

What is the thought, I will do it according to my ability. Gonu Jha said - Now I cannot break the custom.

That's right - said the other - you are a brahmin anyway. You have to travel to and from around twenty-five villages. You have already received an invitation to have any kind of banquet in any village.

So it is, the third said - Brother, you have spread the fame of Gonu Jha far and wide. Everyone comes to get their opinion from him.

Accordingly, Jha Ji should have a Mahabhoj of twenty-five villages. They'll do it. It is also necessary for the peace of the mother's soul and for the fame of Gonu Jha.

Everyone's mouth should be sweet. Hey, Mother Kali has everything given to her. Mata Ji will bless you sitting in heaven and will not be bloated.

Gonu Jha was listening to them in silence. He also understood what they were plotting. But for the time being, he thought it better to remain silent. It was necessary that first, all the moves of the enemy side should go. Only one move of his was able to entangle him.

Bhai Gonu Jha is not saying anything. Now you have said everything. Gonu Jha said - It is not proper to avoid the talk of the four Panches.

It would mean a feast.

Bhai wah, God give such a good son to everyone.

Let us tell the good news to the villagers that our Gonu Jha is having sweet food in twenty-five villages for the peace of his mother's soul.

The opposing party said happily.

Then the opponents started getting happy from there. They were also saying among themselves that a lot implicated the clever Gonu Jha.

Now the child will know the value of lentils every now and then! He used to become a grown man. Oh, nobody understood anything. Now when the utensils and utensils of the house are also sold, then you will know.

It will be fun Is it like a sweet dinner?

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I'll just eat it. One laughed.

And who eats less than you? See Gonu Jha's bankruptcy will come out.

Everyone laughed and spread the word in the whole village. Whoever listened, would be stunned. Gonu Jha's financial condition was not very good and everyone knew this. Looks like some buried treasure has been found, someone said. Maybe, by the way, the parents will also have something.

So many words! But everyone was happy with the sweet dinner. Such a feast was once in ten or twenty years. On the other hand, when Gonu Jha reached his wife, there was a strange smile on his face. While the wind was blowing over the wife. What have you come to do? The sweet food of twenty-five villages was agreed upon.

Got it easy? Are you unaware of the condition of the house? I did not fill the saw, fortunately. Gonu Jha smiled - this is their plan.

So you should protest that like the song, so is the rhythm.

What those people have thought, it will happen, but how will it happen, I will not do it!

Looks like you've thought of something. Wife smiled.

Now when the enemy strikes, he does not sit silent.

You see how I do the will of those people. The lines of worry were removed from the forehead of the wife. She had full faith in her husband's intelligence.

On the other hand, the talk of Mahabhoj came out of that village and reached other villages. People started coming to mourn. The crowd started increasing. People used to never get tired of praising Gonu Jha. Gonu Jha just kept smiling.

The day of the banquet was drawing near. Gonu Jha brought the bullock cart from the market and brought it to Pattal. Now there was no doubt left. The day before the banquet, invitations were sent to twenty-five villages. Gonu Jha arranged the banquet in the fields and if everyone appealed that everyone should come by eleven o'clock.

The next morning, the people who ate dinner started coming to Bharaura. Gonu Jha was making everyone sit in a queue and was placing pattal in front of them. Opponents were in trouble, there was no confectionery and furnace to be seen! What a sweet dinner it was.

At twelve o'clock the men of twenty-five villages were sitting in queues in the field waiting for sweets.

Then on the orders of Gonu Jha, his friends started serving sweets. What is this? Four-inch pieces of sugarcane were being served on the leaves. The eaters were bewildered and the opposition parties were stunned.

Then some elders filled with anger and reprimanded Gonu Jha. Gonu Jha, what is all this?

An old man said with red eyes - did you call here to insult all of us?

Why did you send invitations to twenty-five villages when you did not have the right?

Uncle, you are getting angry for no reason.

Gonu Jha said in a sweet soft voice - what wrong have I done. Sugarcane is the root of all sweets. Can any dessert be imagined without sugarcane? Your mouth will be sweet and my mother's soul will rest in peace. Isn't it sweet?

The elders softened. Gonu Jha was right.

Son, that's fine. Another elder said - Sweet it is the best but what was the need for you to create such a fuss. To satisfy his mother's soul, it was enough to feed thirteen brahmins.

Uncle! Gonu Jha said with folded hands - I did not create any disturbance.

I was about to eat according to my ability. I had arrangements for the life of my village and my special friends. but but.....

Gonu Jha raised his finger like a dagger towards the opposing pulse. It was the dignitaries of my village who forced the burden of the sweet banquet on me without my consent.

These people said that I will have to have this great feast by any means.

Along with this, he also campaigned in the whole village and surrounding villages. Now tell me what do I do?

Opponent pulses were not even getting a place to hide their faces, on which the dignitaries of the villages were cursing them. Eventually, the opponents had to run away. Bhai agreed to Gonu Jha. Sweetened the faces of twenty-five villages and also saved the cost of the feast. And he also shamed those people who were thinking of getting him insolvent due to some reason.

Everyone reached their respective homes praising Gonu Jha and his wife was not happy about her PTI exploits. Who other than Gonu Jha could have done the miracle of having a banquet at a small cost.

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