New Trending Volume Bar And iPhone Emoji Glowing Lyrics Status Video Editing in Kinemaster 2022 || Status Editing

New Trending Volume Bar And iPhone Emoji Glowing Lyrics Status Video Editing in Kinemaster 2022 || Status Editing

New Trending Volume Bar And iPhone Emoji Glowing Lyrics Status Video Editing in Kinemaster
New Trending Volume Bar And iPhone Emoji Glowing Lyrics Status Video Editing in Kinemaster 

New Trending Volume Bar And iPhone Emoji Glowing Lyrics Status Video Editing in Kinemaster 2022 || Status Editing

Story - Bounty Partner

KineMaster Pro Mod APK Free Download - Many days after being honored with the royal court, Gonu Jha thought that now he should also go to the court. The king appointed him as his chief advisor. Although the king was pleased and gave him the freedom that Gonu Jha to stay in his house for as many days as he wants and come to the court whenever he wants. But at the same time, it was also said that he would have to be present in case of state necessity.

Gonu Jha made up the idea of ​​going to the court and went ahead with the decor. He had got so much fame that whatever he got on the way would give him respect. Meeting everyone, Gonu Jha reached the palace.

The gatekeeper stood at the gate of the palace.

"Come on, Panditji, you have created a ruckus in the whole of Mithila." "All is the blessings of Maa Kali, brother." "Going to court?"

"Yes brother, I want to see Maharaj" "Listen."

"The thing is that I keep guard here round the clock. It's a difficult thing to do even then. My family is too big to survive on salary. For this, I take shelter of gentlemen like you. I know you If you return from the court, you will return with some prize. So before going inside, you should promise to give me some part of whatever award you get.

"Brother, this was a bribe to go to the court." Gonu Jha smiles.

"Whatever you understand. My family is big."

"Then ask Raja Saheb to increase the salary. Maharaj is very kind. He must be moved to hear the suffering of his employee."

"What is the need of that, Lord. My work is being done by the courtiers. Everyone happily gives a part of his reward."

"And what do you do if you don't give your share?"

"Though it has never happened. There is no miser in our court who does not help this poor. Still, when such an opportunity comes, I am also the gatekeeper. I know a lot of tricks."

"You are fine, brother. Then you will have to maintain it. To make you angry means to harm yourself." Gonu Jha said.

"You are intelligent. I am a simple gatekeeper, but I also have some status in the Maharaja's place."

"And brother, bribers are trappers anyway."

"You do know." The gatekeeper laughed.

Okay. If I get a prize in court, I will give it (today's award) to you. I promise,

"Go now. There is a scholar of Magadha sitting in the court at this time. Argue with him and get a lot of rewards."

When Gonu Jha reached the court, all the courtiers stood up with joy.

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Gonu Jha came. Gonu Jha has come."

The king of Mithila also rose from the throne with joy. Gonu Jha greeted the Maharaj.

"Come on, Gonu Jha, come at the right time. We were just thinking that your presence was mandatory today. Well, take your seat."

Gonu Jha took his seat.

Then the debate started. A scholar from Magadha and a scholar from Mithila were sitting face to face.

"Sir, who walks without feet, speaks without speech, who is such a pundit?"

When the pandit of Magadha asked the question, the pandit of Mithila got confused. Such is God. But when he was in doubt, he did not answer.

"What color is the milk that the poor drink?"

The scholar of Mithila was baffled. Milk has only one color.

"Last question, what is blacker than kajal?"

The scholar bowed his head. The pundit of Magadha was stunned.

"Isn't there any other scholar in this court?" He said proudly.

When Maharaj looked at Gonu Jha, he got up and sat in front of the pandit of Magadha. The pandit of Magadha gazed upon Gonu Jha. The dress was rustic. Thought what would it know?

"Farmer! Magadha Pandit smiled and said- "You must have heard my three questions now. I repeat them again. Answer them."

Questions repeated. Gonu Jha smiles.

"Sir! Your first question is very simple. It is a letter that travels far and wide without feet and tells everything without speech." Gonu Jha said- "The second question is not even difficult, the poor's milk is water. There are so many poor people in the world who slam the wrestlers even after drinking water. Their milk does not have color, but there is a feeling in their milk." "

There was thunderous applause on the court.

"Sir." Gonu Jha further said- "Your last question is what is art even with kajal. Sir, stigma is blacker than kajal. Neither Panditji."

The pandit of Magadha was bewildered. The countryman had won.

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"Sir, now the only question I will ask." Gonu Jha said.


Who are you at this time?

"I... I... I am a brahmin of Magadha. My name is Bhojraj...."

"Sir, I'm sorry. This doesn't answer my question." Gonu Jha said in a gracious voice - "You are a defeated scholar in the court of Mithila at this time and this is your introduction to this day."

The pundit had to admit that the villager was right.

"Wow. Wow Gonu Jha, wow!" Mithila King said - "You are a scholar of scholars. The analysis of time as you do is possible only by a supreme scholar. We were very pleased. Today we will give you whatever you desire in the prize. Ask for it." Today even if we ask for the throne of Mithila. We will not hesitate at all."

Gonu Jha greeted the king with folded hands.

"Mango Gonu Jha what to ask?" Mithila king said.

"Your Majesty, what else can I ask for other than your kindness. You have given me so much respect that I am blessed." Gonu Jha said.

"Respect gives a person his ability and his proper performance. You are a scholar and definitely deserve respect. The award is a source of respect, it is a means. So you give us this opportunity."

"Your Majesty, today I want to ask for a strange thing in the award."

"Ask for sure. We promise that if that strange thing is in any corner of the state of Mithila, we will give it to you."

"Okay, sir. I want a hundred whips in the prize today." The whole court was stunned.

"Panditji, what kind of award is this asking for!" The king said in surprise.

"I said that I am going to ask for a strange thing today. So give me this award, sir, according to your promise."

Maharaj shook his head compulsively and ordered Dandanayak to punish Gonu Jha with a hundred whips. The whole court was in awe of this strange prodigy of Gonu Jha. What foolishness did Gonu Jha show?

Dand Nayak came near Gonu Jha with his whip.

"Your Majesty, please call the gatekeeper standing at the gate of the palace.

Because I have come up with a promise to him that whatever award I get in the court today, I will give it to him. He is the one who deserves the award of hundred codes received by me today. partner in my award."

We…we don't understand Gonu Jha.' asked the Maharaj.

"Maharaj, the contribution of the security personnel of the state is more in keeping the progress of any state flawless and smooth. If the security system becomes corrupt then progress is affected. The guard of our palace is on this path. He guides every courtier. By showing fear, he takes some part of the prize received in the court." Gonu Jha says

Maharaj was filled with anger.

"Is it true?" The king asked the courtiers.

The heads of several courtiers nodded in agreement.

"That gatekeeper should be called to the court immediately." The Maharaj ordered.

"Your Majesty, I want that first my reward should be given to him as I have promised. In a way it will also be his punishment."

By then the gatekeeper had also come to the court.

"Come sentinel, today the prize that Gonu Jha has won by defeating the Magadha scholar in the debate is yours. Come get your reward."

The gatekeeper trembled. He looked at Gonu Jha with a distraught look.

"Brother, what do you see like this. Today I have got a hundred whips in the award. As promised, the whole award is yours." Gonu Jha said.

The gatekeeper ran and fell at the feet of Gonu Jha.

"Sorry Panditji, sorry! I foolish forgot who I am messing with. I will never commit such a crime in the future."

"Brother, here the Maharaja has the right to forgive and punish. I am just keeping the promise I had given." Gonu Jha said.

The gatekeeper started weeping to apologize to the Maharaj.

"Prahari, your crime is not forgivable. You were creating a vicious circle to sow the seeds of corruption in our state. Dandanayak, this criminal should be rewarded and thrown out of the state..."

"And the treasury should bear the burden of maintaining his family." Gonu Jha immediately added, which Mithila Naresh gladly accepted.

The gatekeeper got the punishment for his actions.

“Gonu Jha, indeed you are intelligent and conscientious. You have done your duty according to your position. Saved the state from an impending crisis. You have all the qualities like wisdom, duty, and kindness. We are proud that you are ours. Be one of the key advisors."

In this way, Gonu Jha gathered his power in the court on the very first day. In a very humorous way, by punishing a corrupt gatekeeper, he gave the message that he was not only humorous but also a serious advisor. Maharaj gave a lot of prizes to Gonu Jha on that day also.

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