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Once Devarshi Narada was roaming the earth and he found a demon named Vrikasura.

On seeing Narada, he said to him - 'Devarshi! You have come to a good opportunity.

I want to take some advice from you. Tell me, who are the gods among Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh who are pleased with quick and short penance?'

Narada thought, this Asura can spend his life as he is living at this time, but it seems that now he wants to become powerful by worshiping someone special among the three gods.

After getting the groom, its demonic power will become very strong. Then it will persecute the brahmins, rishis, and gods. Narada was thinking this, but to avoid answering Vrikasura's question meant creating trouble for himself.

Considering this thought, Devarshi Narada said to Vrikasura - 'Vrikasura, by the way, you can fulfill your desire by doing penance for any of the three gods.

Brahma and Vishnu are not pleased quickly, for many years they have had to do hard penance.

It may also happen that your life is over and your penance may not be completed.

Yes, Lord Shankar is the only one who becomes happy with a little worship. Oudhdani is such that for the fulfillment of the desire of her devotee, she does not even think about anything. Whatever the devotee asked for, he was given immediately. Ravana and Vanasura of your own caste had found such a boon by the penance of Lord Shiva. Now think for yourself that who should be worshipped, so that the result will be soon.'

Hearing such a thing from the mouth of Narad Ji, Vrikasura decided to worship Lord Shankar only and started worshiping Shiva by going to the Kedar region of the Himalayas. Pleased with his worship, Lord Shankar appeared and said - 'Vats, I am pleased with your penance. Feel free to say, what you want, ask for a boon.'

Vrikasura said with folded hands - 'Lord! Narad had said that you give a boon soon after being pleased, but after so many years of worship, you appeared. You were not pleased soon, it means Narada cheated on me. Now if you want to give a boon by being happy, then I also want the same difficult groom. Please give me 'Maran-Var'.

Any creature on whose head I put a full hand, only that person should die. If you are happy then give this boon. Shankar Ji was shocked to hear this demonic demand of Vrikasura. But the word of the deity was to be fulfilled, otherwise, the dignity would have been destroyed. Said- 'Go, it will be like this. Your wish will be fulfilled.'

Vrikasura said - 'Lord! I want to test whether this boon of yours is true or not. That's why first I put my hand on your head and see how much truth is there in this groom?'

Lord Shankar got caught in his own trap after hearing such a thing of the Asura. What should we do now? That demon would neither listen nor obey – thinking like this, Lord Shankar ran away. Seeing Shankar running, his anger increased, he started chasing them. He started saying- 'Like Narada, you have also deceived me. Why are you running away from the test of boon?'

At last, while running away, Shiva reached Vishnuloka and narrated his calamity to Vishnu. Vishnu laughed and said- 'Now the result of giving the boon without thinking is known. You have been running around saving your life, tell me what should I do? The truthfulness of your groom has to be proved to him. Whose head shall I lay before him? Shiva said- 'Narayan-Narayan, my trouble will not go away by cursing me, do something, otherwise he will reach here too.

Lord Vishnu created the form of an old sage celibate with Yoga Maya and went to the place from where Vrikasura was coming. After going some distance, Vrikasura appeared. He went ahead and bowed to him and said - 'Asuraraj! Where are you running, it seems you are very tired. Give rest to the body. All the work is accomplished by the body itself. So don't give it too much trouble. You are capable in every way, yet tell me if there is any work worthy of me.'

Hearing the words of a brilliant celibate, Vrikasura told about Shiva's boon and his test.

On hearing this, the brahmachari laughed - 'Asuraraj! Whose groom do you want to test? That Shiva? Who has no home of his own?

What boon will he give to someone who keeps roaming with ghosts and spirits? There are only two gods who give the boon, one Brahma and the other Vishnu you would worship them.

You are running in vain after Shiva. The giver of the groom himself is so powerful that the effect of his groom cannot be on him himself.

He has given you a boon of lies. Your penance was in vain. Vrikasura was very disappointed after hearing such a thing from Brahmachari. His morale was broken. He started saying- 'I was told by Lord Narada to worship Shiva. They can soon be happy and give the desired boon.

Brahmachari said- 'You are very naive, have believed in Narada. Oh, he is such a wandering monk who gives advice to everyone in the wrong way. No one ever benefited from his advice. If you do not believe me, then put your hand on your own head and see how Shiva has seduced you by giving you a false boon. His lies should not be exposed, so he ran away.

Vrikasura's morale was so broken that he believed in that brahmachari that Shiva had also cheated on him - giving him a false boon.

His conscience was destroyed. Thinking so, he put his hand on his own head to test the truthfulness of the groom. As soon as he placed his hand on his head, a fierce fire appeared and Vrikasura was consumed by it and became a heap of ashes. Since Vrikasura himself was consumed by his own hands, it is also known as Bhasmasura.

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