New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing KineMaster || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0069 )

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing KineMaster || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0069 )

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing KineMaster
New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing KineMaster

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing KineMaster || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0069 )

Story - Marich's illusion and the golden deer

KineMaster Pro Free Download - Surpanakha's elder brother Ravana used to rule in Lanka.

He was famous in all the three worlds for his strength and glory. The gods trembled at his name.

He snatched the Pushpak Viman from Kubera. On the death of Khar-Dushan, Shurpanakha crossed the sea and reached Ravana crying and crying and said - Brother, your masculine is cursed.

I am getting this misery in your life. How will you show your face now? Saying this, Shurpanakha fell down after being overtaken.

Ravana picked up Shurpanakha and asked - who has cut off your nose?

On whose head is time hovering? Tell me that's right!

Shurpanakha narrated the whole situation. Praising the strength and form of Rama and Lakshmana, he said that a supremely beautiful woman is also with them. Her name is Sita. I understood that such a beautiful woman is worthy of the palace of Lanka. him i

Wanted to bring it for you, when he came to know that I am your sister, he started laughing at me and Lakshmana cut my nose.

The nose that I lost can't be returned, but definitely bring that beauty. Accept Barry's challenge.

Ravana was at first somewhat frightened by the news of Khar-Dushan's death, then he persuaded Shurpanakha and decided to bring Sita. He immediately called for his sky-going chariot and, sitting alone in it, reached Maricha across the sea.

In Vishwamitra's ashram, Maricha started doing penance on the banks of the sea after getting hurt by the arrow of Shri Ram. Maricha gave Rakshasaraj proper hospitality and asked the reason for coming in this way.

By Ravana. After telling the whole story to Marich, he told his intention and said that you help me in the abduction of Sita. Becoming a golden deer, you take Ram and Lakshman away from the ashram. Then I will bring Sita back. In the separation of the woman, Rama will either die on his own or his strength will be weakened. Then I will easily win him.

Maricha's life dried up after listening to Ravana. He narrated the incident of Ram's arrow and said that now when someone takes the name of Ram or utters any word with alphabets like 'Rath', 'Raja', 'Gem' etc., then I get shivering when I hear 'R'. If you listen to me, don't bother with Ram.

Ravana became very angry after hearing Marich's words and said, "I did not come here to listen to your teachings. I have come to give orders. "Maybe you will be saved from the arrows of Rama. But if you do not listen to me, I will kill you now." Maricha was forced to obey Ravana. Sitting in the chariot, both reached Panchavati and Maricha became a golden deer. Ram started roaming around the hut Ravana hid in a clump of trees.

Seeing the strange gold deer, Sita was infatuated with him. He urged Rama to capture him. Rama had some doubts, but on the behest of Sita, he followed her.

Hilariously, Maricha took Rama far away.

Rama tried a lot to catch him, but he could not get caught. Then Rama fired a hard arrow at him. Maricha fell as soon as the arrow was fired and returned to his original form. He shouted loudly in the speech of Rama - "Ha Sita! Oh Lakshmana! I died."

On hearing Rama's call, Sita spoke to Lakshmana - 'Brother is in trouble. Go fast" Lakshman said - "Mother, don't worry, no one can harm Arya Ram. The sound I have heard seems to be fake. The demons are ready to take revenge when they are killed by Khar-Dushan, they can do all kinds of deceit.

When Lakshmana was somehow unwilling to leave him alone, Sita started uttering various kinds of abuses. She brolled, "You also seem to be Bharat's spy. Maybe

You have a good look on me too. If anything happens to Aryapatra, I will drown in the Godavari river.

Being strong. Hurt by these harsh words, Lakshmana went in search of Rama. Ravana was hiding in search of such an opportunity. Disguised as a sanyasi, he came to Sitaji's hut, reciting the Veda mantra. Sitaji gave proper hospitality.

Then Ravana told his name and asked Sitaji to go to Lanka.

Sita scolded him and showed him the fear of Rama. Ravana did not consider it appropriate to lose time. He hurriedly picked up Sita and, sitting in the sky vehicle, walked towards Lanka.

Sitaji Oh Ram! Hey Lakshmana. , She used to cry and cry. She would request every tree, mountain, animal, bird to tell Rama that Ravana, the king of Lanka, has captured your beloved queen.

When the vulture Jatayu heard Sita's cry, he came out of his coater and challenged Ravana and with all his might, he broke down on Ravana.

He cut off the armor of Ravana and injured him. Jatayu cut off Ravana's bow and arrows and also broke his chariot.

Then Ravana cut off Jatayu's wings with a sword and took Sita towards Lanka.

On the way, Sita saw some monkeys sitting on the top of a mountain.

Saving Ravana's eyes, he tied some of his jewelery in a cloth and dropped the bundle on the top of the mountain.

On reaching Lanka, Ravana showed Sita all his palace and said that all this. It's yours

If you are ready to become the wife of Lanka, then all my queens will be in your service. But Sita somehow did not agree.

She kept on scolding him. Then Ravana kept Sita in Ashoka Vatika and put a tight guard on her and said - I give one year's time.

If you do not obey, you will be killed." While meditating on Shri Ram, Sita started crying her days.

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