New Trending Nagpuri DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0091 )

New Trending Nagpuri DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0091 ) 

New Trending Nagpuri DJ Status Video Editing
New Trending Nagpuri DJ Status Video Editing

New Trending Nagpuri DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0091 )

Story - ❤️ Pyaar Ka Chaska

KineMaster Pro - When Amit, a city college student, came to his village during the holidays, his mother said, “My friend Chanda had come.

She and her daughter Rambha were missing you a lot. She has said that when you come to the village, you should come to her village to meet her, because Rambha will now stay with you and do her studies.

Hearing this, Amit had gone to his mother's village to meet Chanda, her friend, the very next day.

When Amit reached there, Chanda and all the people of his house had gone to the fields. Rambha was alone at home. She was very happy to see Amit.

Rambha was very beautiful. When she talked about staying in the city and doing her studies, Amit told her, "If you stay with me and study in the city, then you will have to dress like city girls there."

It is not the fashion of chunnivunni over there," Amit removed her chunni, then his hands collided with Rambha's shapely curves.

Amit's body felt a jolt like an electric current from his touch.

Rambha also felt the same shock.

When she started looking at him in surprise, Amit said to her, “Even this long salwar will not work.

There you have to live like a city girl.

One has to be friends with boys like them.

Everything will have to be done with them, which you village girls do with their husbands after marriage. .

“If you will not be able to do all this by getting trapped in this vicious circle, then you will spend your life in this village of yours, doing the work of Chowchachulha,” saying looking at her, he said, “You are beautiful. Yes, enjoy life by studying in the city.

After this Amit started touching her delicate parts again and again.

With the touch of his hands, Rambha's body felt like an electric current. She was getting excited.

Rambha's parents used to come home from the fields only in the evening, so they were not even afraid of anyone coming.

Thinking this, Rambha softly said to him, "Come on, let's go inside to the back room." Hearing this, Amit lifted her in his arms and took her to the back room.

In no time they both did what they shouldn't have done

When both of them were satisfied, Rambha fed him hot halwa made of desi ghee.

After eating halwa, Amit went to sleep to rest.

Seeing him sleeping again, Rambha's heart yearned to sleep with him.

She lay down on top of him and started kissing him, then he said to her, "Is your heart fluttering again?"

“Tum ne mujhe pyaar ka chaska jo laga diya hai,” Rambha said as she removed Amit’s clothes.

This time they were worn out by playing the game of love in a short time, because both of them were so tired of falling in love many times that they started having a deep sleep.

When Rambha's parents returned home from their fields in the evening, they were happy to see Amit.

Rambha was also not getting tired of praising him. She said to her parents, “Now I will stay with Amit and complete my studies in the city. ,

Hearing this, his father said, “You go to the city with him tomorrow itself. Study there with a lot of heart. When you get some education, you will get a good job. Your life will become ,

“Then we will get her married in a good house. Nowadays boys from good families want an educated daughter-in-law," Rambha's mother said, then Amit said, "I will make her so intelligent by studying day and night that then she will be overshadowed by well-educated people. ,

Rambha's mother prepared good dishes for Amit to eat. While talking after dinner, when it was 10 o'clock in the night, they arranged for him to sleep in the upper room.

When Amit started going to the room to sleep, Chanda said to Rambha, “There are 2 beds in the room. You sleep there too. After talking to Amit there, inquire about the living conditions of the city and your studies. ,

Hearing this, Rambha said with a smile, “Ever since Amit came home, I have taken a lot of information from him.

Earlier I was very clumsy, but now you have made me so smart that I know everything that what is real life?

Chanda smiled happily after hearing this. They both went to sleep in the upstairs room.

As soon as they entered the room, they both broke down on each other. After coming to the city, Amit bought new fashion clothes for Rambha, wearing which she became fashionable like a film heroine.

Amit had also got him admitted in a college.

When their colleges opened, Amit made her friends with many of his rich friends, and Rambha also made Amit friends with many of her friends.

Rambha, a simple village girl, was so engrossed in city life that she used to study during the day and have a lot of fun with Amit and his friends at night.

When Rambha used to go to her village dressed like other girls from the city, then everyone used to be surprised to see her.

Seeing her, her other friends also started studying in the city, insisting on their parents to study in the city like her.

Now Amit had started having fun with his village friends too. Like Rambha, he had also made her feel loved.

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