New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0092 )

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0092 )

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing
New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0092 )

Story - ❤️ Love Has No Value

KineMaster Pro Free Download - This is the story of that boy and girl who are sharing all their happiness together with the help of their love and doubling them and reducing their sorrows by sharing them.

In this story there is a boy named Anirudh and a girl named Priya. Anirudh is a very simple boy.

For Anirudh, his family is everything. Anirudh can do anything for his family. That's why he works hard day and night and studies diligently day and night as well as does some work to earn some money. Anirudh works hard day and night so that he can become a big man after being educated and bring laurels to his family. Anirudh's only wish was to give his parents the happiness they deserve.

Anirudh does engineering as well as he also does part time job. Anirudh wants to become a big man. He got success in his career. So that later on, his family does not have to face any kind of trouble.

Anirudh keeps going to his office like everyday, there today a girl named Priya has newly joined in his office. On seeing Priya, Anirudh falls in love with her at first sight. Priya is also a simple girl like Anirudh, for whom her family and her future are everything, she does part time job along with studies to support her parents. Priya is however slightly different from Anirudh.

Anirudh follows his parents' advice, he does as they say, but Priya wants to live her dreams, she wants to fulfill her dreams, she does what her heart desires, she never cared for the world . But the old thinking of her family came in the way of her dreams, so Priya was not able to live her dreams till now. But there was still hope in his mind, he had a lot of faith in God, he was sure that one day his dreams would definitely come true. When Anirudh and Priya met for the first time, Anirudh gave his heart to her. From that day both of them became friends.

Priya starts liking Anirudh's nature. Anirudh talks to her all the time, helps her in small things, takes care of her all the time, always asks her whether she has eaten food or not.

Slowly, Priya also started liking Anirudh.

Then one day Anirudh expressed his love to Priya and Priya also said yes because Priya also wanted love. Seeing such a loving and caring nature, Priya accepted his love and also expressed her love, similarly both of them roamed together, talked to each other and kept collecting the happy moments of their love. There is a sweet dispute in love, there was a dispute between them, but they understood each other, took care of each other and always supported each other.

Anirudh and Priya both go to college together, go to work together and are always with each other wherever they go.

In the same way, both of them spent 4 years together with sweet and sour memories, and Priya became an engineer, who has a very good job, and Priya also became a writer, as well as she sings well, Anirudh helped her fulfill her dream. To sing the song of help and to make his voice reach the people.

After spending so much time together, the love between the two became very deep, both could not live without each other.

Both had become each other's heartbeat, both thought that they would now tell their respective families about their relationship.

When both of them told this thing in their house, then the family members of both of them denied this relationship, both of them did not belong to the same cast, both belonged to different castes, their family members did not accept that their children went against them. Go against the fraternity and go against your caste and marry someone else.

The family members of both of them stopped meeting and talking on the phone.

Both were unable to live without each other, both were yearning for each other's memory. Both were anxious to meet each other.

Anirudh who respects his family so much can do anything for them and can never see them sad. For the sake of his family, he decides to forget Priya. Priya had full faith in her love and God. She was sure that one day she would definitely be with Anirudh. That's why he never lost courage. She did a lot to get Anirudh, every morning and evening she used to pray to God.

Everyday she used to tell her parents that she never clapped for anything, she didn't say no to anything, she just wanted to decide her life herself because she knew that her happiness was with Anirudh and that

Couldn't be with you.

Priya fought alone for her love, kept hope, trusted God and one day her family agreed, Priya suffered a lot, complained, got angry, but finally true love won.

Somehow, Priya convinced Anirudh also for their love and seeing their company, their family members agreed for this relationship. Due to both being from different castes, the families of both were afraid of what people would say.

But Anirudh and Priya didn't care about anything.

Both of them have now realized that nothing is big in front of their love, they can fight and win any battle with the help of their love.

In today's world, there are some people who still believe in caste and caste.

But from this story we get to learn that love has no caste, love has no religion, love is love, with the help of which we can live life happily.

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