New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0093 )

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0093 )

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing
New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || DJ Status Kaise Banaye || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0093 )

Story - ❤️ Lucky People Get True Love - Part 1

KineMaster Pro Free Download - Naman had gone to New York for his business meeting and returned to India today after completing all the work there.

Naman was waiting for his driver at Mumbai airport as his driver had said that he is going to pick up the airport, it was a long time but he did not come and his call was not ringing, after some time Naman K's phone also got switched off as it was not charging.

It was too much time waiting, so Naman thought that he should go by taxi, then he came out of the airport with all his luggage and was waiting for the taxi to come, then seeing a taxi coming, Naman handed him Stopped after showing it and as soon as he went to sit, a girl sat in the taxi from the other side, Naman said that she has stopped this taxi, so she said, what happened, I sat first, you take another taxi, Naman then told her that you In which direction to go, he said that I should go anywhere, what do you mean by that, after hearing all this, Naman started getting angry.

Then Naman also sat in the taxi and said brother, come on, that girl did not say much and when he came to her house, she got down before Naman, and Naman went ahead in the taxi, then when Naman felt thirsty, When he went to get a bottle of water from the back seat to drink water, he saw there was a small hand purse, which had a PAN card, Aadhaar card and a small diary.

That purse belonged to that girl, Naman said to the driver, look, this girl's purse has been left here, go to the police station and deposit it. They ask ten questions, they call the police station again and again, I am a driver, I drive the whole day and earn some money. To give.

Then Naman thought okay, "I can do this because I am a responsible citizen." And then came to Naman's house, Naman got down after giving his fare to the driver.

Apart from Naman, his parents live in Naman's house, Naman met them, inquired about their condition and asked, "Why didn't the driver come to pick me up at the airport?" When the phone was off, he called home and told that he was going to get the car fixed, Naman said ok and went to his room to rest. When Naman woke up from sleep in the evening, he started to fix his room which was very scattered, then Naman saw the purse of the girl who had met him in the car.

When Naman opened it, there was a diary in it, took it out and saw that some phone numbers were written in it. There was a name in it Neetu Naman called that number and told her that "I found a purse in the car which has this diary, it has your name and also a PAN card and Aadhaar card", she asked that "on Aadhaar card Naman looked at the aadhaar card and said "Anisha", then the girl in front said yes, this is my friend's purse, she told me that her purse is lost somewhere, I will tell her, and your number too I will give it, she will call you. Naman said okay.

After a while, a call comes from a number, as soon as she picks up the phone, a girl in front says, "Do you have my purse?" Naman said "Who are you", then she said "The one whose purse you have with me in which I have some very important stuff," Naman said "Yes I have it, you forgot it in the taxi." She said "Yes, tomorrow Can you meet me at the Daily Cafe and return it?" I said "yes", she hung up saying thank you.

Next day Naman went to cafe to return her purse. Naman reached on time but Anisha was late, Naman stayed for her. After some time she came, today she was looking completely different from yesterday, she had long thick hair which was open, she was wearing white and blue salwar kurta, there were beautiful earrings in her ears, Naman just kept looking at her. She was slowly going towards Naman, Naman was not paying attention, he was just looking at her, then she said "Hello, where is your attention, I am asking something."

So Naman got up quickly and said "yes come I was waiting for you only" she said "yes sorry I am a little late", Naman said "no one is fine" then Naman said "coffee?" She said, "Sorry, not now, I am in a hurry, you give me my purse, I have to go." said "ok but remember your words next time we will have to sit together and drink coffee then don't say I am still in a hurry" she said "yes ok now give me my purse", Naman gave her purse and said "I will give you Can I call to meet next time" she said "yes" and went away.

Naman stayed there for some time and then went to office, Naman kept thinking about Anisha the whole night, Naman was unable to forget her, Naman was remembering every single thing about her.

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