Jhooth Mat Bolo Sajan Re Song Status Video Editing || Instagram Viral Reels Editing Tutorial KineMaster ( Code 0094 )

Jhooth Mat Bolo Sajan Re Song Status Video Editing || Instagram Viral Reels Editing Tutorial KineMaster ( Code 0094 )

Jhooth Mat Bolo Sajan Re Song Status Video Editing
Jhooth Mat Bolo Sajan Re Song Status Video Editing

Jhooth Mat Bolo Sajan Re Song Status Video Editing || Instagram Viral Reels Editing Tutorial KineMaster ( Code 0094 )

Story - ❤️ Lucky People Get True Love - Part 2

KineMaster Pro - Next day some friends of Naman met and they started saying to him that "Chal aaj party karte hai bahot din ho gaye hai hum dosto ne party mein saath nahin kiya hai", Naman said "Ok everyone is going on so I also go". ,?", Then those 5 friends went to a club, all of them danced a lot together, then had a little drink, then Naman's eyes went to a girl who was continuously drinking a lot, Naman looked carefully then she and someone else. No, it was Anisha, today she was looking very different, that day when she met Naman, she had come in salwar kurta and today she is in short skirt and top and drinking, Naman was completely shocked. Seeing this, Naman was going to talk to her, till then his friends took her by the hand and took her to dance, Naman's eyes were only on Anisha, but in a short while she left. Went.

Then Naman searched for her here and there in the club but could not find her.

After going home, Naman called her, she was not even picking up the call, Naman called her many times but she did not answer even a single call of Naman.

Next day again Naman went to the club at the same time so that if she comes today he will ask her there itself, Naman went inside and waited but she did not come today, again Naman called her, this time he picked up the call Hi Naman asked him "Where are you" she said "Why what happened", I told him that "Yesterday I saw you in the club, you were drinking too much, what happened, are you worried about something?" what”, she said “no” and cut the call, Naman called him again, so he did not pick up the call this time.

Naman went home from Waha, after coming home he messaged Anisha that "If you have any tension then you can tell me", no reply came from her, 2-3 days have passed till now Anisha has not said anything. said.

Naman again called Anisha, she picked up the call, Naman said very comfortably that "You didn't reply to my message" I can help you", then Naman said "well let's meet in the same cafe tomorrow, you have a lot left on me", she said "yes ok" and hung up the call.

Naman was anxiously waiting for tomorrow.

The next day he got up early in the morning and went out to meet Anisha, today Naman himself came before time and was waiting, Anisha came in a short while, she was looking very beautiful, today she was wearing jeans top and The hair was open as it was - as she was coming forward, her hair was coming towards her eyes, she was fixing them, she came and sat on the chair in front of Naman, she was calm. Asked "coffee" she said "yes" with a hockey-like smile.

Naman called the waiter for coffee and said to Anisha "Come on now tell what is troubling you", at first she was not saying anything then Naman said say something, she said "I live alone in Mumbai I have come here to make my career..." While saying this she became silent, I said "yes tell further what happened in this it is good that you are giving so much attention to your career", then she said " But it is not happening now, I am not able to concentrate in my work at all, I have to listen to scolding from my boss many times and he has even said that if this continues, he will fire me from the job, 2 It's been months since these talks of mine, I have to listen to scolding everyday".

I asked her "what happened that you are so upset", she became silent again, then after a while she said "I have cancer".

Naman got scared after hearing this, further she continued, "2 months ago I had got my checkup done, the doctors said that I have cancer, now it is in the second stage, I am worried since then that how will I do all this. There is no one in the world, I am an orphan since childhood, there are only some office friends, I cannot tell this even in my office that if the boss comes to know, he should not fire me from the job, my promotion 3 months ago. It has happened that I have been made the head of the department, and all this has happened, what should I do now, I do not understand anything".

Hearing all this, Naman slowly took her hand in his hand and said "You are not alone, I am with you", she silently started looking at Naman, Naman said "Yes you are listening right, I am on the same day. I started liking you since the day you came to meet me to take your purse." Hearing this, she retracted her hand. Naman asked, "What happened, why did you remove your hand?" I am not sure of my life and I cannot give you any trouble because of me", Naman lovingly explained to him that "No!

You are not giving me any trouble, I want to take care of you, I want to make you a part of my life, I will always be with you, I will never leave you alone", she said, "No, you understand, I don't know tomorrow whether I will be there or not. Why are you putting yourself in someone's trouble", Naman explained her a lot but she didn't listen and went away, Naman went behind her and stopped her by holding her hand and told her "anytime you need someone I am always with you Will stay" and then Anisha left, Naman used to ask her about her condition everyday, she went to doctor for checkup whether she is taking all medicines on time or not, after that day Naman never let her feel alone, Naman used to call her daily to inquire about her condition, it had been 4 months that we used to talk like this.

One day in the evening while talking on the phone, Anisha fainted. Naman kept calling her but she was not saying anything, Naman immediately left to go to her house, when he reached there, he saw that there was no one at Anisha's house, then his neighbors When asked, I came to know that they have taken her to the hospital, I immediately reached the hospital, inquired about her at the inquiry desk and went towards her room, there were 2-3 people standing who had brought Anisha to the hospital.

Naman asked him "what happened to Anisha" and he said that "Anisha had fallen unconscious in her house, the door of her house was slightly open, so she went to a child's house playing ball, so we went Saw she was lying unconscious, Anisha lives alone, so we brought her to the hospital". Then a doctor came out of the ICU and said that Anisha's condition is bad, we will have to operate her, Naman asked, will Anisha be completely fine after the operation? Do it and don't worry about the money, the doctor went away after hearing this.

After full 5 hours the doctor came out of the operation room.

Naman quickly went to the doctor and asked “How is Anisha”, the doctor said “Operation successful, nothing to worry about”.

Naman came to life, he asked "can I meet Anisha", doctor said "not now but after some time" Naman said "ok". Then later Naman met Anisha, she started crying after seeing Naman.

Naman was sitting near her, she said that "I said I will always be with you". Hearing this, Anisha started crying and Naman pacified her and said "You should not cry as you have just been operated", we both sat holding each other's hand for a long time. Then they both came home, Naman used to take care of her a lot.

Naman had told about Anisha to his family members. So now he lived with Anisha and took care of her.

When Anisha was completely cured, both of them got married and were together forever.

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