New Trending Hindi Sad DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || Sad Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0095 )

New Trending Hindi Sad DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || Sad Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0095 )

New Trending Hindi Sad DJ Status Video Editing
New Trending Hindi Sad DJ Status Video Editing

New Trending Hindi Sad DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || Sad Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0095 )

Story - ❤️ A Lie - Part 1

KineMaster Pro Free - You must be thinking why told a lie, what if a lie is told, everyone tells a lie, what happened in that?

So in the story I will tell today, you will understand yourself what was a lie and what difference it made in life, and what happened with a lie.

This story is about a person named Nishant and his family, who had a happy family. The family consisted of mother, father, an elder brother, elder brother's wife, Nishant's wife.

Nishant's father had a business where both the brothers worked together. The day was going well, business was also progressing, everything was going well for that family.

Waking up in the morning, everyone sitting together having tea and breakfast, Nishant's wife was the youngest in the house, so she used to handle all the work. Waking up in the morning, making tea, making breakfast for everyone, then Nishant has to go to office, so collect all the office papers for him, make tiffin, then after that, when Nishant goes to office, all the household chores are over. After doing this, she used to teach tuition to small children, then as in the evening when everyone came home, she would cook food for everyone, then after feeding everyone, eat herself and then go to sleep.

So this was Nishant's family's daily work or day. This is how his family used to laugh and play. Nishant had a great desire to go abroad from the beginning, his dream was to work on a good post in a big company abroad, for which he used to go abroad along with the family business for further studies. .

Days passed and for about 1 year Nishant continued to do both his work and studies everyday, then one day he got an offer from a foreign company in which Nishant was offered for the post of Managing Director of that company. Nishant was overjoyed to see this, and at the same time there was a different happiness in the family, where he was the first person in the family to go abroad to work.

In this happiness, Nishant invited all his family, friends, office people to come to the party.

Then it was the evening of the party, where everyone was very happy, someone was dancing, someone was singing, Nishant was very happy to see all this, and his wife looked after all the household work, from welcoming everyone to eating - Was looking after

Then Nishant gets a call from a foreign company, due to noise in the house, Nishant goes out to talk on the call. Nishant first congratulates his boss for his post, but then his boss tells him, "Nishant I am sorry, you have been made the team leader by being removed from the post of Managing Director, Nishant gets excited on hearing this, and he Asks the boss, why all of a sudden like this, there is a party going on in my house to celebrate becoming a managing director, and now you are telling me that I will be a team leader, the boss said that this is only my decision. No, everyone has taken it together, I can't do anything, and after hearing this, Nishant hung up the call without saying anything and without listening to anything further.

Nishant was completely broken, he could not understand what to do now. Just then Nishant's wife comes there and asks him to have food.

Nishant saying to wife - you all eat, I will eat later.

Now his wife does not know what is going on in Nishant's heart, her Nishant again starts saying that today everyone is here, everyone will eat together, come on.

Nishant again refuses and says that he has to go to the urgent office, he has a work that needs to be done there, after hearing this, Nishant's wife starts asking, today everyone is at home, so what kind of work has come suddenly? , He said don't tell anyone, everyone will get upset, feed all of you, I will come after finishing work, then I will eat.

Saying this, Nishant leaves from there, towards his car, then Nishant's wife says, I am staying here, you finish work quickly, then we will eat together, Nishant looks at her - yes, okay, I will come soon. After doing the work, he goes away saying this.

Nishant leaves from there and goes straight to the liquor shop, and sits down and starts drinking, and here all the people in the house go to their respective homes, then Nishant's mother says to Nishant's wife - daughter-in-law, you eat Nishant Apna. You must have eaten there, don't wait for him, after hearing this, Nishant's wife said - "He said that he will come soon after finishing the work, and I have also told him that I will stay for you, if you come then both Hearing this, Nishant's mother said - "Okay, as you like, I am going to sleep" Nishant's

It was 3 in the night, but Nishant had not come home, and was not picking up calls.

His wife started getting worried and she was calling on call, then after trying for some time, he did not pick up the call, so he called the office, where he came to know that he did not go to the office, Nishant was shocked to hear this. Ki's wife started getting upset, and there Nishant was drinking, when a waiter saw that he was drinking continuously for several hours, he told his manager, then the manager advised Nishant- Sir, you You've had too much to drink, and it's late at night, you should go home, your family will be waiting".

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