New Trending Love Song DJ Status Video Editing | KineMaster Video Editing | DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0096 )

New Trending Love Song DJ Status Video Editing | KineMaster Video Editing | DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0096 )

New Trending Love Song DJ Status Video Editing
New Trending Love Song DJ Status Video Editing

New Trending Love Song DJ Status Video Editing | KineMaster Video Editing | DJ Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0096 )

Story - ❤️ A Lie - Part 2

KineMaster Pro Free - But Nishant was not listening to anything because he was not conscious, he was just drinking, and after some time he fell asleep there. When the manager saw him sleeping there, he said to the waiter- "The man who was drinking, seems to be from a good house, do one thing, call his house from his mobile, he will keep troubling you, and bring him here." Will come from

Hearing this, the waiter took out the mobile from Nishant's pocket, and as soon as he turned on the screen, he saw that more than 100 calls had been received from one number, seeing this the waiter called that number, and here Nishant's wife mobile She was looking towards Nishant that now Nishant's call will come, then Nishant's call comes, and she immediately wakes up and starts speaking without listening, "Where are you? How are you? She was calling for so long, why are you not picking up?" Then a voice comes from there - "Madam, I am the waiter speaking, Sir has drunk too much alcohol, that's why he has slept here, you come and take him here." Nishant's wife was shocked to hear this, she could not understand why? Why????

Nishant's wife woke up father, and Nishant's elder brother, and told them where, everyone was shocked to hear this, and his elder brother went to pick him up.

After some time he comes home with Nishant and puts him to sleep in his room. It was almost morning, then Nishant's mother goes to the kitchen to make tea for everyone, then she sees, all the food is lying. Only then she understands that the daughter-in-law did not eat food, and was awake the whole night. She quickly prepares breakfast and takes it to him, saying- "Daughter, you did not eat anything the whole night, and sat on the sofa all night, eat something and take some rest.

Hearing this, Nishant's wife said, I am not hungry, you all eat and started looking at Nishant. Seeing this, mother left from there. After some time Nishant wakes up, and he sees that he is in the house, then he understands everything that everyone in the house came to know and someone brought him from there. And his wife is sitting in front of him, he should say something to her. Ki, Nishant's wife gets up and leaves from there.

Seeing this, Nishant thinks that he will convince her in the evening, for now he goes to office. With this thought Nishant goes to get ready. When he comes to the hall after getting ready, he sees that the whole family is sitting there. Then Nishant goes to everyone and tells everyone the whole thing, how he was replaced from the post, and he goes to drink alcohol in grief.

And Nishant starts apologizing to everyone. The family members saying to him - "You didn't do it right, because of you the daughter-in-law sat here the whole night, and remained hungry, waiting for you to come and sit with her and eat, and you stay there." Was sitting drinking alcohol, did you read and write so much to see this day, if you want to apologize then ask daughter-in-law, yesterday she worked the whole day, she handled the whole party, even did not eat for the whole day, this Thinking that she will eat with you in the night and you are that.." Saying this everyone left from there. Hearing this, Nishant went to his wife and after saying sorry, left for office. Seeing this, his wife did not understand anything, what was it, just one sorry and the matter is over, for whom she was working whole day, was hungry that she will eat with him, every morning I wake up and make tea, prepare breakfast. , I make tiffin, he lied to me and sat there drinking all night and was waiting for him here. Was it his love? Is this called love? Was his post definitely higher than mine?

That's all she kept thinking the whole day. Soon it was evening and everyone came home. As soon as Nishant came - "Mother is hungry, take out the food quickly, I will come after changing clothes". Nishant changed his clothes and sat on the dinner table, then everyone else also came and the food started, after eating food, as usual, Nishant's wife sat last to eat, when she went to her room after eating, she saw Nishant sleeping. Seeing this, she got angry from inside that how Nishant can forget all the things so soon? How can Nishant live without doing anything right? How did it not occur to him even once that his wife was waiting for him that night hungry? Does Nishant not care if I am not there? Is all this a common thing for Nishant? Was it necessary for Nishant to lie? Do I not need him so much that he could tell me the truth? Would Nishant have lied like this earlier too? How many times would he have left the house after lying to me like this?

Keeping many such questions in mind, she kept thinking the whole night and then it was morning while thinking, then like everyday she started making tea for everyone, preparing breakfast, giving tiffin, all these works. There Nishant got up dressed as usual and came to the hall. And started asking for tiffin from his wife. Seeing this, his wife started thinking - did he forget all this so soon? Doesn't he remember anything about that night? And he gave tiffin and everyone went to office. After all the work was over, Nishant's wife went to her room and it came to her mind that no one here said anything to Nishant, even seeing that I am sad everyday, no one asked me even once - "What happened, why are you so sad? Didn't Nishant celebrate? Didn't say anything to anyone. Suddenly standing up he said to himself when nobody needed me here, when nobody cared that Nishant lied Went there to drink alcohol, everyone sees their own work, but no one sees that I work everyday without stopping any work by taking thousands of questions inside, if it is like this then I have no right to stay here.

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