Aisa Lag Raha Hai Jaise Pyaar Hua Hai Song Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0097 )

Aisa Lag Raha Hai Jaise Pyaar Hua Hai Song Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0097 )

Aisa Lag Raha Hai Jaise Pyaar Hua Hai Song Status Video Editing
Aisa Lag Raha Hai Jaise Pyaar Hua Hai Song Status Video Editing

Aisa Lag Raha Hai Jaise Pyaar Hua Hai Song Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing ( Code 0097 )

Story - ❤️ A Lie - Part 3

KineMaster Pro Free - When no one cares, no one cares for a woman, she leaves everything and adopts someone's house with a true heart, and considering it as her own, spends all her time in taking care of the house, and in return, Umeed wishes that her family should support her, that her husband should never have to lie to her. Is it wrong to expect so much? And then she decides that she will no longer live in a house where she is not appreciated. Thinking this she starts packing her stuff. And then she comes to the hall with all the stuff, Nishant's mother is surprised to see this, and she asks her - "What happened daughter-in-law, is everything fine? Where are you going with all this stuff?"

Nishant's wife saying - "I am not feeling well here, I am going to my parents' house for a few days. Hearing this, Nishant's mother was informed, but as soon as she could say anything else, Nishant's wife left the place. Seeing this, Nishant's mother immediately called Nishant and told him everything, after hearing this, Nishant understood a little that he is still angry about that day's talk, he said to his mother - "Don't worry. Lo, she must have gone to meet her, I will come home with her in the evening.

Hearing this, Nishant hung up the call and got busy with his work. When it was evening, Nishant left the office and went to his in-laws house to bring his wife but his wife refused to come and said - "I need some time, I want to be alone, as soon as I get well, I will come there, you go there." Go", listening to this Nishant started trying to persuade his wife.

But it is said that there is a time for everything, if that time passes, then you cannot do anything even if you want to, something similar happened here with Nishant, when his wife was at home, then Nishant did not think even once. I didn't even think of talking to her even once, and today when she left the house, she realized that I should have talked to her.

After making a lot, when she did not agree, then Nishant asked his wife - what are you angry about, I drank alcohol, so no, from next time I will not drink alcohol, forgive me and let's go home.

Hearing this, the wife said - "No, I didn't feel bad that you drank alcohol, I felt bad that you lied to me, you lied to me and left home, you didn't think about me even once, didn't you?" Don't know how many lies you must have told before, or how much you will tell in the future." Hearing this, Nishant got angry and said that you are making such a big fuss about just one lie, it was only a lie and in which one was it with some girl. Night, you are saying like this, I am telling you for the last time, let's go home, I do not have enough time to come here again and again and keep explaining to you. Hearing this, the wife said directly, you can go, I have not stopped you, the food is cooked and go after eating it. Hearing this, he left angrily without eating. Seeing this, the wife started crying. There, when Nishant reached home, everyone was sitting in the hall and as soon as Nishant came, they started asking him - did you come alone?

Where is daughter in law?

Hearing this, Nishant could not understand what he said to everyone, he still said that she will come in a few days and went to his room.

Then the next morning, when Nishant's father started speaking - "Where are you daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, I haven't got tea yet."

Hearing this, where did Nishant's mother say daughter-in-law, you forgot that she has gone to her maternal home.

Hearing this, he became a little sad, and then his elder daughter-in-law comes with tea after some time. After some time, when it is time for breakfast, there is no breakfast prepared in the house, and there Nishant always wakes up his wife who is no longer at home, so he wakes up late. Within no time, the whole atmosphere of the house starts deteriorating. Neither anyone gets tea on time, nor does anyone get food on time.

His elder daughter-in-law used to do a job, so how much could she do alone, she would have done as much as she could and went to her office. Seeing this, all the people of the house started getting worried. There all the work of Nishant, starting from clothes, laptop, papers were brought by his wife, now she is not at home, then Nishant had to do all the work, due to which Nishant started getting worried. Time passed, there Nishant's wife started taking care of her parents, and here Nishant's house, which was a happy family, was slowly breaking down. No one had the habit of doing any work, now everyone had to work. Then when Nishant realized that he would not be able to stay like this for long, he again went to his in-laws house to convince his wife. But the wife was not agreeing to go back.

He has only one thing to say - "I don't trust you anymore, you are a liar and my parents didn't teach me to sacrifice my whole life for that person".

So now until I am convinced, I will not come to that house. Hearing this, Nishant started saying - have you made such a big deal about a lie till now? Have your parents taught you to leave your husband and your family and come to your maternal home? is this your love For whom am I doing this much work?

Not for you, not for our good life and you are raising so much talk about a lie?

Please agree, let's go back home, this will not happen again.

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