New Trending Lyrics Shake Effect Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0098 )

New Trending Lyrics Shake Effect Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0098 )

New Trending Lyrics Shake Effect Status Video Editing
New Trending Lyrics Shake Effect Status Video Editing

New Trending Lyrics Shake Effect Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing || Status Kaise Banaye ( Code 0098 )

Story - ❤️ A Lie - Part 4

KineMaster Pro Free - But the wife did not agree, she said that I will not come until my heart tells me, you go away. And yes, the food is cooked, go after eating it. Hearing this, Nishant left for his home. When he was about to reach home, he again gets a call from abroad, he picks up the call after stopping the car on the side, then there the boss tells him, congratulations Nishant, you have been appointed as the Managing Director, Nishant is not happy to hear this. Would have happened and said to the boss - "Will you sir say yes to me again this time? My life has been ruined here because of your that day and you are saying this to me." Hearing this, the boss said - I don't know what has happened in your personal life Nishant, that day when I said that your post will be changed, it was not my sole matter, it was decided by the whole team, and behind it There is also a reason for this, the reason is that your project which you had given to us was not sent completely, due to which your post had to be changed, I was telling you further that you disconnected the call at that time.

Hearing this, Nishant opened his laptop and started checking, then he came to know that in the happiness of the party, he had not finished the entire work and had given it to the boss without seeing anything. Seeing this, Nishant said sorry to the boss and apologized. And then asked that sir but now again how did you give me that post? I didn't do any work before, then how did I get it now?

Then the boss said - "The half work that was left in the project was completed by your wife and mailed to me, seeing which all the team members were very happy and you were given the post again. Nishant was shocked to hear this and He cut off the call by saying thank you to Sir, I will talk to you later, Sir. And Nishant started crying a lot, kept on crying. But even once he didn't consider it necessary to ask him how are you? I will do the work in Lao, or take rest and do it later, always mistaking him, and today the same wife even after lying to him, Even after leaving the house, keeping him hungry all night and making him work every day from morning to evening, she did her husband's work, considering it necessary, and even though she was in her maternal home, she was doing her husband's work while staying there. Also so that her husband's dream of going abroad, the post of Managing Director, which was the dream of her husband and her family, could be fulfilled.

When he reached his home, mother saw tears in Nishant's eyes, then mother asked - "What happened Nishant, you are crying?

Nishant said that I am very bad as a mother, so bad that I can't even make eye contact with anyone, especially my wife.

Hearing this, the mother said - Son, even if we women do not say anything, it does not mean that we are not humans, we do not have any heart, we do not have the right to live, we do not have the right to fulfill our dreams, till today Have you ever asked your wife what she likes, does she have any dream, does she have any unfulfilled wish, even once son you told your mother, mother, let me stay today, I will work.

Son Nishant, everything is not money, all dreams are not only yours, the one who has come to you leaving everything, also lives. Don't just learn to fly high, but also teach your family to fly high, who leave everything for you. What about me, I have become old, there is still time, be careful.

Hearing this, Nishant fell at his mother's feet and started apologizing to her. At the same time, his elder brother and father standing there also started crying. That's why the mother said to Nishant - "Get up son, get up, go and bring my daughter-in-law no matter what, I am missing her a lot. Hearing this, Nishant reached his in-laws house crying and fell down in front of his wife, only then seeing his wife - What happened Nishant? Why are you crying?

is everything ok there? Did something happen to you?

Say something Nishant, I am feeling scared," then Nishant said while crying -" Must have done some good work in the previous birth, then go and meet you in this birth, who is still asking about me and my family. , wondering, why are you like this, why do you love me so much?

I don't deserve your love, hit me, hit me

Hearing this, the wife said with tears in her eyes - Nishant, everything starts with you and ends with you, how are you saying kill me, I will die but will never let anything happen to you.

Hearing this, Nishant took his wife in his arms and started crying. After some time, the wife said that the food has been kept, eat it, when Nishant sat down to eat, he saw that whatever was prepared was of his choice, seeing this, he cried again and started asking, what is this wife, you knew that Will you come again today?

Wife Hasan Ke Boli Nahi, I keep cooking the food of your choice everyday so that whenever you come, I can feed you the food of your choice, whenever you come, I used to tell you to go after eating the food, but you have never eaten it. Then Nishant understood that the reason for always speaking was that wife always used to cook food of my choice for me. Nishant's tears were not stopping thinking this, he then made his wife sit beside him and fed her food with his own hands and later he himself ate, not only this, when the food was done, he kept all the utensils up.

Seeing this, the wife started crying and as soon as she went to say something, Nishant silenced her and said, calm down today and Abhise, I will not let a single tear come in your eyes. And sat there, after some time the wife said - "Won't you go home?" After coming out of the room with the luggage, she said - "Come on Nishant, I have to go to that house now, now take me there." Hearing this, Nishant quickly got up and put the luggage in the car, and then opened the car door for his wife Opened it and said - "Sit down madam" Hearing this, the wife laughed and sat in the car and Nishant stopped the car after going a little far.

And then asks wife to come out, as soon as she comes out, she sees Nishant there taking ice cream, then both keep eating ice cream looking at each other.

After some time both of them reach home and see that all the family members are awake, and a cake is kept for both of them, seeing this both of them become happy and start cutting the cake and feeding each other. After some time Nishant and his elders Both brothers saying in front of everyone - "From now on every week two days we will cook food together and on that day all of you will have to rest.

Hearing this, everyone starts laughing and the mother blesses both the sons by placing her hands on their heads - "Today I have found my family again."

In this way, Nishant's laughing-playing family, which was broken due to one lie of Nishant, was reunited.

So this was the power of a lie which had left a laughing and playing family in ruins.

And this was the power of a woman and a love, which if you do not understand, take care of, then your life playing and laughing will be ruined. At last, the happiness that had gone away from Nishant's life got back to him.

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