New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing | DJ Status Video Editing ( Code 0142 )

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing | DJ Status Video Editing ( Code 0142 )

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing
New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing

New Trending Old Hindi DJ Status Video Editing || KineMaster Video Editing | DJ Status Video Editing ( Code 0142 )

What is CNG Gas?

Pollution has become the most important problem of the whole world in today's time. Day by day our atmosphere is polluted by the smoke coming out of the vehicles, due to which our life is in danger.

To prevent this pollution, nowadays a large amount of CNG gas is being used. Earlier, where all the vehicles used to run on fuel like petrol, diesel, today there is an alternative source of fuel in the form of natural gas, through which we can reduce air pollution to a great extent.

Very little air is polluted by CNG, due to which it is called eco-friendly gas and in today's time, almost every major vehicle companies are launching vehicles with CNG variants, which give cheap as well as good mileage. Used to be.

Full Form of CNG

The full form of CNG is Compressed Natural Gas, which in English is compressed natural gas.

What is CNG?

CNG gas is a colourless, odorless natural gas that contains 70% reactive hydrocarbons and 50% nitrogen oxides.

The molecular formula of CNG is CH4. CNG gas mainly consists of components such as methane, propane and ethane. But methane ie CH4 is in more quantity.

This gas is kept compressed in a volume less than 1% of the standard atmosphere pressure, hence it is called Compressed Natural Gas.

manufacture of cng gas

Natural gas i.e. methane is collected through Oil Deposits, Landfills and Wastewater Treatment Plants and it is compressed and kept inside a special type of cylinder at a pressure of 20–25 MPa.

CNG gas is much lighter than other fuels. It is 40% lighter than the weight of air. For this reason, whenever it is released in the open, it leaks very fast and gets mixed with the open air while moving upwards.

invention of cng gas

CNG gas was first invented in 1626 by William Hart. CNG gas was first used in America for the purpose of preventing pollution of the environment.

Then over time it started being used in many countries of Europe as well and today almost all the countries of the world are being encouraged to use CNG in large quantities.

Characteristic of CNG gas

  • The quality of fuels is measured by the octane number. The higher the octane number, the better the fuel. CNG gas is a good fuel because its octane number is 127, while petrol has an octane number of 95.
  • CNG gas being a highly inflammable gas, it catches fire very quickly. In this way it is very easy to use it in vehicles.
  • CNG gas is a colorless natural gas.
  • CNG gas is an odorless gas, leaking from which does not harm any animal, bird or human being. Because there is no toxic substance mixed in it.
  • CNG gas is non-conservative, which does not cause corrosion in the cylinder or engine.

Advantages of CNG

  • The biggest advantage of CNG gas is that it does not pollute the air as much as other fuels.
  • CNG is one such natural gas, which helps in reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • Using CNG gas not only reduces air pollution but also reduces noise pollution. Because its use reduces the sound of the engine.
  • CNG gas is non-corrosive, due to which the life of spark plugs in vehicles also increases.
  • The higher ignition temperature in CNG reduces the chances of sudden or spontaneous ignition.
  • The cost of CNG gas is very low as compared to other fuels. Along with this, it also gives good mileage in vehicles.
  • CNG gas is also used in the kitchen. It is much safer than fuels like petrol, diesel, LPG. Because it is lighter than air, due to which it immediately spreads in the air as soon as it leaks and mixes easily in the air.
  • By using CNG gas, the crankcase oil is not contaminated and diluted, due to which the life of the lubricant oil increases.
  • CNG gas increases the engine efficiency of vehicles, it keeps the engines clean.

Disadvantages of CNG

  • There are many advantages of CNG gas. But along with this it also has some disadvantages, due to which CNG gas has not yet been fully utilized.
  • It costs more to make a CNG engine than a petrol or diesel engine.
  • Where is the cylinder of CNG gas heavy?
  • CNG gas does not have many service stations like other fuels.
  • Using CNG, the exhaust valve of the vehicle gets damaged quickly.
  • While using CNG gas, the air filter and oil of the engine of the vehicles have to be checked continuously.

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