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Story Of Tiger, Grass And Donkey

Its just matter of one day. A donkey was returning from a green field after grazing grass. He met the tiger. The tiger asked, "Why donkey! You are coming after grazing on the green grass.

The donkey barked, "The grass is not green, it is blue."

"What are you saying donkey? The grass is greener." The tiger spoke angrily.

An argument started between the two. No one was ready to back down from his word. Seeing no result even after arguing for a long time, the tiger said, “The king of the jungle does this when he goes to the lion. He will decide who is right and who is wrong between the two of us."

The donkey agreed. Both reached the lion. At that time the lion was preparing to sleep after eating. Seeing both of them coming near him, the lion asked, “What is the matter? How did you come at this time? And that too together!”

Before the tiger could say anything, the donkey said, “Vanraj! Tiger says grass is green, I say blue. Now you decide.

The lion stared at the tiger. The tiger said, "Vanraj! Everyone knows that the grass is greener. This donkey is a fool.

The lion said, "You are a fool. you go asshole I punish the tiger to remain silent for one year.

The donkey returned happy.

The sad tiger said, “Vanraj! The grass is always green. Still you punished me.

The lion said, “I did not punish you because the grass is green or blue. The grass is always green. If someone calls it blue, it will not turn blue. Donkey is stupid and less intelligent. But you are smart. Still wasted my time getting entangled with that fool in pointless talk. After that he wasted my time by bringing that pointless debate to me. That's why this punishment is there.

The tiger held his ears that now he would never get involved in futile arguments with fools.

Moral - It is foolish to engage in futile arguments with fools.

Story Of The Lion And The Silly Donkey

A lion named Karalkesar lived in a forest. A jackal named Dhusarak was his servant, who used to serve him and in return received a portion of the prey killed by the lion as food.

Once a lion had an encounter with an elephant. Both were shattered in their pride. The matter increased and reached the war. There was a war between the two, in which the elephant dominated the lion. He picked up the lion by its trunk and threw it on the ground. Many bones of the lion's body were broken.

The lion was badly injured. In such a situation, it was difficult for him to go hunting. He used to sit in one place all day long. Due to not being able to hunt, both he and his servant, the jackal, started starving.

One day the lion said to the jackal, “If this goes on, the day is not far when our birds will fly away. Some solution has to be found for this problem.

“Vanraj! What to do? You can't go hunting. I am your servant. I depend on you. Jackal replied.

“It is not possible for me to go hunting in this situation. But if any animal comes near me, even now I have so much power that I can kill it with one blow of my paw. You bring any animal to me by coaxing. I will kill him and then both of us will sneak up and eat his flesh. Lion spoke.

The jackal was impressed by the words of the lion and he went out in search of prey. While walking, he reached a village. There he saw a donkey named Lambakarna grazing in a field. Seeing him, he started thinking that if I somehow take this donkey to the lion, then food will be arranged for many days.

He went to the donkey and said sweetly in his voice, “Hey friend, how are you doing? Earlier they used to be so healthy. How did you become so skinny? Dhobi seems to be taking on too much work.

The jackal had put his hand on the donkey's sore vein. The donkey said in a sad voice, "You are right, friend. I am very sad. The washerman makes me work more than necessary and beats me a lot if I make any mistake. On top of that he would have given anything to eat. Somehow I satisfy my hunger by grazing here and there. That's why I have become like this.

The jackal understood the delicacy of the occasion and said, "I can understand your sorrow, friend. By the way, if you want, I can take you to a place where there is a vast field of green grass. You can eat grass there to your heart's content."

This is a very well said friend. But there will be fear of wild animals. What if life is in danger? I'm fine here. whatever is being received. At least I'm safe." The donkey expressed his doubt.

"Hey friend, what are you talking about? What are you afraid of when I am there? That whole area is under me. No one can harm you there. You can graze fearlessly in the meadows there. And one thing I forgot to tell you. There also live three Gardabha girls, who are in search of a groom for themselves. Probably, you can also talk there. The jackal coaxed him.

The donkey came to his words and got ready to walk with him. The jackal took him to the place where the lion was sitting. The lion was overjoyed to see the jackal coming with the donkey and gathered all his strength and stood up to hunt the donkey.

Here, as soon as the donkey saw the lion getting up, he ran away from there. The lion did not have enough power to chase him. The jackal got very angry with the lion that he let go of the prey that came in his hand.

He said, “Vanraj, now I understand how the elephant threw you in the fight? You don't even have the ability to hunt a donkey. The elephant was very strong then.

The lion felt ashamed and said, "What should I do? He ran away before I could pounce. Even if my claws would have hit him, he would not have been able to escape. You somehow get her once again. This time I will definitely catch him.

“It is very difficult to bring him back. Still I will try. But, if he comes this time, then he will not be able to escape. The jackal spoke.

Then he went out in search of the donkey. After going some distance, he saw that the donkey was sleeping under a tree. He went to him and said, "What happened friend. Why did you run away from there?

"You are talking well. What terrible creature did you take me to, who ran after me when he saw me. Today I could see death in front of me. If I had not run with full force, I would not be talking to you right now. The donkey said panting.

The jackal again threw his dice, "Hey you didn't pay attention. She was a proud girl. Seeing you, she became impatient and started coming near you. But, you ran away like this and disappeared from sight. Now she is sitting in the hope of meeting you again. Sent me to get you. She wanted to meet you. Perhaps, she has fallen in love with you. You should also meet him. It is not fair to torture him like this.

The donkey again came to the words of the jackal and again went towards the forest with him. The lion was sitting there in ambush. This time he didn't make a mistake. As soon as the donkey came near him, he made a powerful attack of his own paw and took the life of the donkey.

Arrangements had been made for the food of jackals and lions. Both were very happy. The lion said to the jackal, "I come after bathing in the river, till then you keep an eye on it."

The jackal started monitoring the donkey's dead body. The lion went towards the river. On the other side, the lion was wasting time in taking a bath and on the other side, the jackal was getting distraught with hunger. At last, he could not help it and he ate the donkey's ear and brain.

When the lion returned from his bath, seeing the donkey's ears and brain missing, he became angry at the jackal, "Greedy, I left you here to watch. But, you didn't even wait for me. You made it a lie. Now should I eat your lies?

The jackal said, "Vanraj, don't get me wrong. This donkey did not have ears and brain at all. Had it been there, would it have come back again after escaping from the mouth of death once.

The jackal's talk was right to the lion. What was it then? Both ate the donkey's meat and satisfied their hunger.

Education - One should not get involved in anyone's smooth talk. Should not be greedy.

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